Responsible Gambling: Tips to Avoid Addiction in Online Casinos

Gambling can be the most thrilling and rewarding experience, and online gambling has made it incredibly convenient to gamble all the time. For some players though, that can become a problem. Similarly to chocolate cake, coffee or sugary beverages- gambling can be addictive. Most casinos do not wish for their players to become problem gamblers, which is why there are ways to limit or reduce the risk of developing a gambling addiction. We want you to play safely and wisely, so you can continue to play and it can remain a sweet little escape for you. Something to look forward to rather than something to dread, or something you need to do to function. The goal is to gamble in moderation!

Make a Budget

A surefire sign of gambling addiction is gambling outside of your budget. Setting money limits and sticking to those limits is crucial and will keep your gambling healthy and happy. With online casinos, you can only bet as much as you deposit. Deposit a portion of your budget every day into your account, and do not exceed this portion. You could also have a weekly deposit amount or monthly deposit amount, but I recommend spreading out your budget so you aren't compelled to bet it all at once, then add more money to your account.

You need to think of gambling as entertainment. There is no certainty when it comes to winning, every outcome is random and while you do have more control over the outcome in certain games over others, it's called gambling for a reason. When you set your budget, expect you're going to spend the full amount. Even if you don't end up spending the full amount, it'll be better in the long run if you always set your budget with that in mind. What's great about online casinos is when the deposit runs out, they won't continue to charge your card for your gameplay- you must consciously deposit more. Psychologically, spending your full budget will be a lot more satisfying than trying to keep yourself from spending the full amount, or only spending a portion.

Set An Upper Limit

If you manage to win, walking away while you're ahead is a good tip. If you win a nice sum of money, that's great! Withdraw it and walk away. Setting an upper limit means you set a number that you'd be happy to walk away with. So for example, if your upper limit is $10 and you win $20, walk away! You did great and exceeded your upper limit by $10! When you set an upper limit, you can increase your odds that you'll stop while you're ahead.

Time Limits and Separate Wallets

Another way to control your gambling experience is to use a separate wallet. Online gambling gives you tons of resources for this method. You could only gamble through PayPal, or cryptocurrency for example. This will keep your gambling money (or fun money) away from your day to day budget. You should also set time limits. Unlike going to an event or a movie, gambling is a form of entertainment where the time frame is not built it. It can help you control yourself if you plan your gambling the way you would any other activity. For example, maybe you only gamble at 8 pm on weekdays for an hour. Maybe you gamble more, or gamble less. Pick what is manageable for your budget and life. Consider how often you gamble and for how long you gamble.

Don't Chase Your Losses

This might be one of the most common tips in online gambling, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. Do NOT chase your losses. Chasing your losses is the biggest risk factor for going over budget and developing an addiction.