Live Dealer Games in Online Casinos: A Comprehensive Guide

When the pandemic struck, many players who were used to in person gambling were completely lost in uncertainty. Many of them were forced to switch over to online casinos, which are great in their own ways for those who were willing to give them a try. There was a surge in the online gambling industry as the day to day life of people worldwide changed. For gamblers used to in-person casinos - something was missing from random number generated table games. While the first live dealer game was actually created in 2003, it's easy to guess the demand increased after the pandemic.

Basics Of Live Dealer Games

Before I can dive into making live dealer suggestions, I thought it would be important to clarify for new players what exactly a live dealer game is. As you might be able to guess, these are online casino games you can play against humans rather than a random number generator. You can play these games from wherever you access online casino games. When these games were introduced in the mid 2000s, the internet had already begun to take over the world. As time has gone on, the live streams became more hi tech. The picture quality was cleaner, and less choppy. Netlifx emerged and even regular TV became a retro thing of the past in some ways, so it's easy to guess live dealer games because important in the online casino world. Evolution Gaming was actually the first to launch table games with live dealers, and the industry didn't take very long to warm up to the idea of live dealer games. Evolution continues to be one of the best software companies to rely on for live dealer games.

How To Play Live Dealer Games

Let's say you've played online casinos for a while, and you've seen the live dealer games but you've been hesitant to try them out. My first question is: why? Live dealer games are incredible fun, you need to try them now! However, if you aren't sure how the live dealer games operate, let me give you a simple breakdown. Go to the lobby section of the casino, and you'll probably find a tab labeled live dealer. Under this tab, the casino will list all of its available games. Some casinos might offer multiple tables of the same game even, and they're usually separated by stake level. You'll want to pick a game you want to play, and a game that has a stake level you can afford. After that, click the game and it'll take you to a screen where you pick a dealer. After that, choose your dealer and a window will open with the table and the dealer. For most games, you cannot talk to the dealer, but the dealer can speak to you. You'll need to make a bet, and wait while other players make a bet. The dealer will spin the wheel or deal with the cards. The game plays out just as it would if you were playing with a land dealer. When choosing a live dealer game, look for what software is supplying the game, and look for trusted names. You should also look for what promotions might apply to the specific game along with ensuring they have customer support if you need help.