The Evolution of Online Casinos: From Start to Present

Online casinos have undergone a makeover in recent years. Things aren't the same as they used to be, technology has advanced and everything has become more and more internet friendly. Just think of how companies like DoorDash and Uber have become a part of the daily life of many folks all around the world - all thanks to the fact social media and technology have changed the way we live as a whole. Uniquely, online casinos have been there since the beginning. The first online casino actually established itself in 1994, forever changing how your average player wagers. Players no longer had to take vacations out to remote casinos to experience slots and table games. Now they could play whenever and wherever! There are too many benefits to online gambling versus in person gambling to count. While an in-person casino experience is downright a vacation, online gambling allows players to embark on their own journey with online slots, poker and other games without having it interfere with their day to day life. In the beginning, it was all about convenience. You could play games in the privacy of your own home. While there were fewer games to choose from, people still loved them. As time went on, more online gambling platforms established themselves, and more games were added to their roasters. Online gambling is private, and simple, secure and offers player payment methods.

90s Gambling

Many of us weren't around for 1990s gambling, but if you remember it, you might recall CryptoLogic Limited. This business was founded in 1995 by two brothers, and their software revolutionized the industry and allowed for secure, safe bets and excellent management investments. Thanks to this adaption of this software, you can gamble large quantities of money, and it's not necessary to carry cash or even a card in public. In fact, internet casinos can offer more security than your typical brick-and-mortar casino.

2020 and Beyond

When the coronavirus epidemic emerged, life changed forever. Casinos themselves had to adjust to a new way of life, and since many regular gamblers couldn't go outside to gamble anymore, online casinos became the norm. New online casinos were launched daily, some catering to specific types of players or specific games. The surge of new players created more and more slot titles, and even veteran gamblers were choosing online betting. There were tons of new slot games coming out every day, covering a wide variety of topics and themes.

Mobile phone support also became expected for online gambling. Most sites ensure mobile compatibility now, because we all want to gamble on our smartphones now and then. Some sites offer separate applications, while others require you to use your phone's web browser. Nonetheless, this is a new development for the industry. You can also play live dealer games now. These games are far more engaging compared to your typical table game. You can play with a real dealer, who is live streaming from a professional studio. These games are played in real time, and the participants are watching via their devices as dealers spin the wheel or deal cards. There has also been an increase in high tech, 3D visuals, and the use of blockchain technology to allow players to gamble with cryptocurrency, in fact some casinos are crypto-only nowadays! Online gambling has really come far from its 1990s origins, and I look forward to further advancement as time goes on!