Ghouls Gold Slots

Betsoft's new slot game, "Ghouls Gold," is a play on words that will have you going through a haunting experience. If you're a fan of playing games that have multiple pay lines, this is the one for you.

Theme & Symbols

The game's theme revolves around a friendly ghost that's haunting a mansion. The three reels and the betting options are below the tree branches, and the sounds of the wind and the tolling bell will keep you entertained. Although the graphics are simple, the theme and the sound of the wind will keep you interested.

Like most slot machines, the goal of the game is to get three or more symbols on the reels in a row to win a prize. Some of these include a candle, a flickering candle, a bag of coins, and a full moon. A white ghost will then appear and trigger the bonus round.

Gameplay & Setup

The initial spin can only activate the bottom rows of the reels. If you like what you're seeing, you can decide to hold all or none of the symbols. The spaces that have no symbols will then be turned into spin positions for new winning symbols.

The white ghost is the key to unlocking the bonus round, which is designed to provide a fun and rewarding experience. In order to trigger this feature, you need three of these to appear on a live payline. The goal of the Ghostbuster is to catch the floating spirits as they move from the bottom to the top.

Every time you click a ghost, you will receive additional coins. Also, the ghosts have different colors that represent different values, making it an interesting game. To get the most out of the game, you can try to click as many colors as possible.

Progressive Jackpot

The main feature of this game is the stack of coins, which substitutes all other symbols except for the Jackpot. This allows you to win more money by making more winning combinations. The bag of coins that says "Jackpot" will be the symbol that you will be looking for in this game, and if you get three of these, you'll be in the Jackpot territory. The bonus round is also a fun way to boost your credits, but be warned, as the ghosts can travel very fast and there's a time limit in this feature.